Hey, Cis! E1S11: Ally is a verb not a noun





Hey, Cis; Hey, who?

Cis = latin preface for ‘on the same side as.

Cisgender is someone whose gender identity aligns with their sex as assigned at birth.

Cisgender is someone who has the ability to make the world safer, brighter and more inclusive for trans people young and old. Cisgender is someone who needs to be an intentional part of the conversation — so let’s talk.

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“Human rights don’t start at 18. They start at birth.” Barry Bedford, school principal, parent, Pflag educator and fierce ally.

“Policies on paper mean absolutely nothing if they’re not enforced.”

Barry Bedford says the school board and teachers have a primary role in educating and creating safe inclusive spaces.  Schools have children more than their families do. He says it’s not ok to lump LGBTQ+ education into bullying and anti-bullying.

Call it what it is – it is transphobia; it is homophobia.  Barry says, if we don’t call it what it is, it’s hypocritical at best. 

“We have the trans flag up 12 months of the year at my school.  We have the PRIDE flag up 12 months of the year at my school,” says Barry, school Principal and Pflag Canada educator and volunteer.

From forms that don’t work, to safe spaces that really aren’t so safe, this week’s podcast breaks down what it means to be an ally.  And what it means to NOT be one.  We talk about COVID and the effects of online schooling in Ontario for youth who are forced back into the closet while on lockdown.

 The marginalization is real. And time is up for educators wanting to bury their heads in the sand, while putting a pride flag on their desk but refusing to be a safe space for their gender diverse or sexually diverse students.

On Barry’s watch, he’s got your back and takes allyship to a real level and offers up some great advice to Hey, Cis! on how you can be a better human. 

Ally is a verb – not a noun.