Helpful resources for Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) in schools





Resources: GSAs

Helpful resources for Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) in schools.

What is your GSA up to? Hey, Cis! Podcast is a proud supporter of Nova Scotia GSAs – share your upcoming events with us and we’ll be happy to include you on an upcoming Podcast! Whether you need a little getting started or some ideas to help get your organized, see our resources and templates below.

GSAs play a vital role in making schools safer for LGBTQQ students by providing supportive and accepting spaces as well as doing broader organizing work against homophobia and transphobia in school.​

Depending on your GSA’s mission and goals, activities will change week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year.

There are three common types of GSAs, which all meet the different needs of youth in different types of school climates:

  • Social GSAs are generally helpful for youth trying to meet other LGBTQ & Ally students and make friends
  • Support GSAs are for students who are trying to create safe spaces to talk about the various issues they face
  • Activist GSAs are for those youth who are actively working to improve their school climate

Source: GSA Advisors Handbook:  

Welcoming Classes Kit and GSA templates:

Author: Isaac Cook

Fundraising Ideas:

Connect with Pflag Halifax about fundraising to support the local non-profit:

  • Gays for Strays
  • Face Painting: International Coming out Day, Trans Day of Visibility, PRIDE Month in June (as Mac Makeup for a lend of their rainbow palette and brush!);
  • Everything from rainbow ribbons to candy sales on
  • Check out this handy ‘How to Fundraise’ toolkit on GSA network
  • What are you up to? Send us your ideas!