Hey, Cis! Oppression Olympics with Jefferson Darrell





The intersections of being a person of colour and LGBTQ2+ are complex.

Gender identity is complex and so is sexual orientation.  Do you want to better understand what the impacts are when we add a layer of race to the intersections of a gender diverse experience?

As a cisgender, white person, please sign me up!

It’s a continued journey in being aware of our privilege and commitment to doing better.

  • What are the unique impacts?
  • What existing societal stressors become heightened with multiple layers of marginalization?

This is an important conversation and one which Isaac and I were both extremely grateful to have with Jefferson Darrell (he/him) in  S2:E24: There are No Winners in Oppression Olympics with Jefferson Darrell, during Nova Scotia African Heritage Month. 

Jefferson is a dynamic and enigmatic leader of inclusion, change and powerful at inspiring equitable working and learning environments.  So inspiring, the award nominations for him and his organization are growing!  We talk with Jefferson about his reasons to celebrate, but also about the importance of acknowledging the intersections of identity and the BIPOC community.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Jefferson Darrell is founder of Breakfast Culture, is among Canada’s earliest outliers in the IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) arena; successfully driving positive change management for organizations for the past five years resulting in more diverse and inclusive teams and increased revenue or new business opportunities.

Tune-in and hear us chat about the term ‘homonoir‘ and the intersections of being black and gay and traversing both communities as an advocate, educator and human.