BB4I Inclusive Leaders in Recreation and Sport


Recognized Recreation Nova Scotia leadership training. Each course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Participants have 15 days to complete the program. 3 Courses + 3 Certificates Why this course is the most comprehensible in beyond binary professional development: Recognized professional development by Recreation Nova Scotia Self-paced over a 10 day access period BB4I #1: LGBTQ2+…


In partnership with Recreation Nova Scotia.

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Get access to top-rated professional training series by SGF Canada, accredited in partnership with Recreation Nova Scotia.

Beyond Barriers 4 Inclusion Leadership in Recreation and Sport.

Certified professional inclusion training series, recognized officially by Recreation Nova Scotia.

Everything about this workshop I found to be very beneficial and informative. It was probably the best training I have received on this topic.”

– V.B. Bridgewater,  Lunenburg Queens Recreation Summer Staff Training

BB4I Leadership in Recreation and Sport program

In partnership with Recreation Nova Scotia SGF is proud to support recreation leaders in better developing their organizations and strengthening communities. BB4I Leadership in Recreation and Sport is an accredited training program delivering skills and tools to create welcoming, inclusive and equitable spaces.

Recreation Nova Scotia works in partnership with the volunteers and professional recreation community, advocating for all Nova Scotians for recreation and leisure opportunities, promoting the values and personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of recreation and leisure.

Certificates are recognized Recreation Nova Scotia leadership training

SGF’s ‘Beyond Barriers 4 Inclusion’ (BB4I) program is a series of 3 certificate courses designed to empower you with actionable tools and knowledge focused on best-practices inclusion and equity awareness.

By completing this series, you’ll be equipped to perform your professional role with competency and confidence, ensuring that you can create welcoming, safe, and brave spaces for all individuals.

These courses specifically focus on shifting bias and countering stigma surrounding gender identity and gender expression.

One of our super-powers is our intersectional approach, to support you building decision-making skills and tools to apply this new knowledge across a diverse population of clients, customers, and co-workers!

Upon completion of each course within the series, you’ll receive a certificate, validating your achievement and demonstrating your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Earn 3+ hours of accredited professional development, with 1+ hours allocated to each course.

Diversity is here, equity is a journey, and inclusion is a relational construct and a choice.

At SGF we’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards creating inclusive and equitable spaces. We’re excited to have you join us and look forward to helping you grow both personally and professionally.

”…your session came out as a highlight for everyone. Thanks again for the session content, for the approach, the professionalism, and the vibe.”

– J. Conrad, Coordinators/Directors Association, June 2021

Commonly Asked Questions:

How is this course delivered?

This course is delivered on our LMS System:

  2. Upon completing your purchase, you will be directed to our LMS website
  3. From here you can create your User login (email address) and your password
  4. Choice: you can either click on the Catalog and then ‘Request’ your course – otherwise, shortly after payment is received, our team will be notified and we will enrol you in the course (please allow 24-48 hours, although most times it’s within an hour or two.)

Interactive approach to working through the material:

BB4I: Leadership Skills is structured to allow you to work through each Module and complete the exercises in each section in your own space and at your pace.

Each post/section will have a combination of the following:

  • A topic to read through;
  • A video to watch;
  • An interaction such as role play activity, assessment/quiz to complete;
  • Support materials and resources to download;
  • Pre-Course and End of Course Questionnaires enable us to ensure this course does what it says it will: providing participants with thought-leadership skills and tools to lead inclusively and create brave space.

To ensure you do not miss any key information, please be sure to scroll to the bottom of each post, before marking the post complete and moving onto the next post or section.

What is covered in the series?

BB4I: LGBTQ2+ 101 (60 Mins.)

  • Why Beyond Binary inclusion skills are essential in your workplace.
  • What do we mean by binary?
  • What is Gender Identity versus Gender Expression versus Sexual Orientation?
  • LGBTQ2IA+ terminology
  • Access to Terminology Library
  • Overview of Canadian LGBTQ2+ Human Rights Code.

BB4I: Beyond Binary Bias (60 Mins.)

  • Gain understanding of bias and types which negatively impact working relationships and environments.
  • Strengthen awareness and understanding of intersections of identity to support building positive relationships through intentionally inclusive interaction.
  • Gain understanding of micro-aggressions and impacts of minority stress.
  • Real-life stories and experiences and scenarios to build thought-leadership capacity.
  • Tools to develop bias checks and shift potentially harmful language and inspire brave and safe learning environments.

BB4I: Pronoun Power-Up & Inclusive Communication (60 Mins.)

  • Build thought-leadership capacity through listening to real-life examples, with an intersectional approach focused on gender neutral language.
  • Non-verbal skills for professional writing, recruitment and on-boarding of new hires.
  • Verbal Skills: Knowledge of communication best-practices and knowledge of harmful language.
  • Understanding of ‘they‘ in history and gender variant cultures from around the world.
  • Actionable practise tips and strategies;
  • Confidence to understand steps to take when a mistake happens.


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