Gender Cool Project ‘helping kids thrive’





Citizen awesome! These remarkable teens are making waves across the U.S. with their fantastic new movement GenderCoolProject.

They’ve also published 3 great resource books for youth and teens and you can borrow a copy through our lending library. See below. (Updated Summer 2021)

“The project seeks to humanize members of a minority group who are increasingly visible but who find their gender identity at times overshadowing everything else about them.”

Read all about them here.

“Our mission is to just get rid of the stigmas and just live our lives,” said Nicole, one of the participants. “And that’s what everybody else is doing. So my question to the world is: ‘Why can’t we? Why should we not?’”

Lending Library

Order your copies of the book via their website.

If you’ve access to HRM, we are based in Halifax and the South Shore. If you wish to borrow a copy of ‘A kids book about transgender’ or ‘A kids book about non-binary’, they are available in our lending library.  Please note we are in not affiliated with Gender Cool Project in any way and our endorsement is independent.