SGF Inclusion (Simply Good Form Inc.) is a 2SLGBTQI+ equity and inclusion company specializing in beyond binary consulting, policy development and training programs, empowering public and private sector organizations across all industries to succeed at breaking biases in the workplace and inspire intentional allyship that builds-up inclusive teams, boosts creative productivity and positions our clients to attract and retain a diverse workforce, and service clientele with cultural competency.

Simply Good Form specializes in people-first, ‘top-down’ change-management, fostering workplace cultures where everyone has equitable opportunity to thrive regardless of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Build awareness. Empower intention. Drive actionable impact.

We deliver capacity-building tools to: build an inclusive workplace with intention and break biases to challenge outdated thinking and harmful behaviour. Our expert team of inclusion consultants will elevate your organization’s capacity to eliminate systemic biases preventing diversity within your teams and supply chains. We create pathways for our clients to build cohesive, diversity-celebrating teams that deliver innovative growth; are more productive; and are simply happier coming to work.

SGF Inclusion is based in K’jipuktuk/Halifax with consultants across Turtle Island. SGF Inclusion is a diverse supplier that is 100% women-identified-owned and 100% employees who identify as trans or queer. We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise. You can find more information about our certification here.

Consulting Advisory Services

Create policies and procedures which break away from systemic binary biases, and are preventative rather than reactionary. SGF Advisory services bridge your businesses intention with action and empower your teams and talent with skills and confidence to engage in best practices ensuring everyone has equitable opportunity to thrive within your work space. Skilled, experienced guidance, from inclusion leaders who are passionate about empower change.

Inclusion audits and reviews

Is your organization active and intentional about fostering a culture of inclusivity? What policies do you have in place to support trans employees? Our team will review and make recommendations on a wide range of items including policy, human resources (HR), social media, program design, website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

Live & On-Demand Training Workshops

Our teams offers results-driven, authentic programming with friendly, approachable facilitators, with lived-experience. SGF programming is enriched with diverse voices and perspectives, your team will leave inspired and motivated engage intentionally. Workshops, e-Learning certification programs, webinars and conference speakers. Training delivered in-person, live-virtual and asynchronously through. our LMS platform.

ESG Community & stakeholder engagement

We envision a future where businesses succeed with intention in creating accessible and welcoming work cultures for their employees to have equitable opportunity to achieve their career goals. To do this, SGF Inclusion is a bridge for our clients to engage in positive, social change through our socially focused community programs. In addition to offering free programming – we provide our community with actionable outcomes, tools to negotiate challenging situations and ongoing support from our EDIA Specialists.

HATCH Atlantic division

‘Thank you Cynthia and Emma for tailoring such a concise and meaningful hybrid presentation. Our colleagues in-person and online appreciated the kindness of the presenters and the approachability of the content… We were very engaged with the presenters lived experiences and the supporting video material. Overall, it was an invigorating presentation and we feel more prepared to acknowledge barriers to inclusion and embrace diversity and inclusion in our organization.’

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jazz Aviation

“Cyndi provided a balance between a comfortable space to discuss topics we wanted to learn more about and an environment that allowed for challenging our individual biases and our collective policies, systems and procedures here at Jazz.  Information was great, learnings were solid and action items resulted. Thank you Cyndi for sharing your experiences and the experiences of your colleagues to help make discussions real and relevant.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.