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Trans Canada Stories

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Emma Stanley (she/her)

Emma is originally from Saint George, New Brunswick and spent more than ten years teaching English abroad. Being a queer trans woman living and transitioning across several countries and cultures, Emma had the chance to experience a wide variety of different perspectives and approaches to 2SLGBTQ+ people. In her free time she enjoys drawing, board games, and juggling. Her favorite place is the Omani desert at night.

cyn sweeney (she/her

Cyn is the parent of a trans child, and since 2019, and devoted to engaging in meaningful conversations with trans folks near and far to celebrate diversity and break down barriers facing the community. She has been consistently recognized as a LGBTQ2+ advocate and change-maker, most recently being named a finalist in the CGLCC 2SLGBTQIA+ 2023 Business Leader of the Year. She loves cooking and is a post-covid knitter and ukelele learner.

When you turn on the news and tune into a story about trans people today, there is a whole lot of drama, misinformation, and conspiracy to cut through. On Trans Canada Stories, we want to hear the real life stories of trans Canadians (and allies) to set the record straight. Most trans people live normal lives filled with the same routines that anyone else might experience: grocery shopping, paying taxes, walking their dog, and so on. It’s time to hear their stories.

Trans Canada Stories wants to celebrate the successes, big or small, of the Canadian trans community from coast to coast to coast. We’ll hear about the changes they’re making in the world, as well as the ones they’re trying to make in their personal lives. These are real, honest stories of the trans experience and the many nuances within, but also the stories of people who, like everyone else, are just trying to find their place in the world.

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“This show isn’t going to be a bunch of inspiration porn about people having terrible lives and overcoming challenges…”

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