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Where Parents Talk is a network focused on helping inspire confidence in parenting so parents can parent with relentless optimism to raise happy, thriving children. 

In November BriAnna and Cynthia had the opportunity to talk with Lianne Castelino about The Pink Balloon and supporting trans youth as parents and professionals.

‘”I’m glad that it’s inspired by a true story,” she says. “And I hope it’ll be far reaching.”

Perhaps similar to the story book that opened the door for Sweeney’s child to discover themselves.

During their interview with Where Parents Talk, Cynthia Sweeney and BriAnna Simons also discuss:

  • Signs to look for
  • Messages their children provided before confirming their true gender identity
  • Tips for parents
  • Potential next steps if a child comes out as transgender’

We LOVE the word ‘thrive’ and ‘thriving’ and use it just about every day here, which is why BriAnna and I were excited to be invited onto the show to talk about our new children’s book The Pink Balloon and share some of our gender journey experiences.

Listen here:

‘In this week’s edition of Where Parents Talk with Lianne Castelino on 105.9 The Region, Nova Scotia moms Cynthia Sweeney and BriAnna Simons describe each of their family’s experience with a trans child, including how they found out about their children’s gender identity, where they turned for help and what inspired them to come together and write a storybook on the topic, called, The Pink Balloon.’