TDoV 2022 and celebrating visibility in inclusive reading event






I recently shared this before Trans Day of Visibility 2022 and thought it may prove helpful for those looking to join the conversation in breaking down the biases within our gender-scripted society.

Below are a few thoughts and tips on visible inclusion for you.

I really enjoyed talking on CTV Morning Atlantic on March 29, 2022 about my book launch celebration for The Pink Balloon children’s story this weekend.
But, four minutes is tough and the hour… well, it was early.

I wish I had had more time to stress, especially with Thursday being Transgender Day of Visibility, how visibility can only be achieved when we build supportive communities: schools, workplaces.

Visibility is a privilege for cisgender people – one that we don’t often have to think about. Because we don’t have to consider every single day, the safety of the spaces we navigate within, like trans or non-binary people have to.

Imagine navigating a world that is unsafe to be your true self, whether at school, at work, at home or all of the above?

As a cisgender woman, I will never know this feeling.
Although I promise you, I advocate for trans-positive spaces every single day.

I watch and I listen. I watch my own child try to process unresolved trauma they experienced too early in life. I struggle to know how to help them heal. If only we’d started having these conversations earlier: inclusion, belonging, respect.

I watch my friends grappling with keeping their trans children safe from bullying and harassment, all the while trying to keep their identity hidden – – safe, from some family members while not blundering their child’s pronouns afterwards when they’re within the safety of their home. As parents and caregivers of trans kids, I assure you, you can be impactful on our lives.
Inclusion is a buzz word. Without intention, it is baseless.
Intention requires understanding and we can help you on this journey. In the meantime, here are a few small/big tips from the road less travelled:

As cis friends, on #tdov what can you do to be part of shifting this bias and stigma?

  1. Watch the hashtags and listen to the stories. Really listen.
  2. Be visible in your intention to be inclusive whether it is wrapping a trans bracelet around your water bottle, wearing a pin, or engaging in the conversation.
  3. Add your pronouns to your digital signature and more importantly be authentic about it by educating yourself around why it is so important for everyone to do this. I can help you with this. My team Simply Good Form would love to help you with you this.
  4. Let’s talk about gender identity. We all have one.

Happy #transdayofvisibility this Thursday.

PS drop by Keshen Goodman library on Sunday between 1-3pm and say hello. Tune-in here to learn more:
Safe visibility shouldn’t be a privilege.

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