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Advocacy is a HUGE piece of the inclusion work we do at Simply Good Form Inc.  Here is a compilation of some of this advocacy, outreach and media. 

Sept. 12, 2023

Cynthia Sweeney is thankful to a Grade 5 teacher who read a book in class that changed the life of her child.

The book told the story of a transgender child, known to his classmates as George, who wanted to play Charlotte in a school production of Charlotte’s Web as a means of expressing her true gender identity — a girl named Melissa.

Sweeney said the book gave her child the knowledge and the language to share a very personal struggle.

“They said to me at that time, ‘I am something called transgender and I am not a girl and I feel like I’m in the wrong body. Can you please help me,’” recalled the Halifax-area mother of three in an interview with CBC News.

That moment, more than six years ago, began a journey for Sweeney and her child to come to terms with his gender identity and to begin the next school year with a change of appearance, a new name and different pronouns.’……

Sweeney is now the Halifax chapter lead of Pflag Canada, a national network offering support for families with gender diverse children. 

She said that despite challenges along the way, her child has begun his last year of high school confident in who he is. And she knows that might not have been possible if that Grade 5 teacher hadn’t been trusted to decide what material and topics to teach.

“I’m so grateful that the teacher didn’t have to ask my permission to read that book.”

Sept. 14, 2023

‘Parents in Halifax are expressing concern after delegates at the federal Conservative Party policy convention voted in favour of a proposal prohibiting “life-altering medicinal or surgical interventions” for transgender and gender-diverse children.

Michelle Badalich, a delegate who spoke in favour of the proposal said, “gender dysphoria … requires therapy, not irreversible procedures — please protect our kids.” The proposal passed with 69 per cent of the vote, however it’s not clear what types of health care would be targeted.

“As a parent, it’s upsetting,” said Cynthia Sweeney, whose child is transgender and transitioned in elementary school. She said gender-affirming care — health care which supports a person’s gender identity — can reduce feelings of depression and save the lives of trans children.

“Protecting [children] is helping them to be … the best version of themself that they can be,” Sweeney said.’ Continue…

Sept. 27, 2023

Centre Stage with Cyndi Sweeney – ShiftEd Academy

‘Meet Cynthia Sweeney, Owner/CEO of Simply Good Form Inc., shiftED Academy double-graduate and Coterie Alumni member. Joining the Coterie following her graduation from our Booster Program and then continuing with our Online Course Creator Program has helped Cynthia level up her presentation skills, her workshops, and her online courses, and TRIPLE her client base!

Our Founder, Tisha Parker Kemp, MEd, CTDP, PLP, had the pleasure of interviewing Cynthia about her work.’

March 31, 2023

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Pflag Halifax statement of solidarity:

Pflag Halifax Statement:

May 16, 2023


Pflag Canada chapters from coast to coast stand united against hate

On May 17, people around the world observe International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOTB).

This year’s theme of “together always: united in diversity,” is an urgent reminder of the power of solidarity to push back against a rising tide of misinformation, hate speech, hate actions, and violence directed at the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Canada and around the world.

As  a community of 2SLGBTQ+ people, family members, friends, and allies, pflag Canada chapters are deeply concerned with the erosion of 2SLGBTQ+ rights in the United States and a corresponding increase in hateful and harmful rhetoric and actions here in Canada.

Today and every day, pflag Canada chapters from coast to coast denounce those who attempt to demonize and marginalize 2SLGBTQ+ people. Further, we call upon community leaders, elected officials, and allies to do their part to protect the dignity and human rights of 2SLGBTQ+ people, and to recognize, affirm, and celebrate the rich diversity of gender identities, gender expressions and sexualities.

We have a collective responsibility to end homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. We must protect and advance the hard-fought gains that have taken decades to achieve through the tireless work and dedication of countless activists and advocates.

We encourage allies to help in our efforts:

• Speak out against bigotry, misinformation and hate speech.

• Be a positive presence at Pride events.

• Listen to and amplify the voices of 2SLGBTQ+ folks.

• Listen to and support your 2SLGBTQ+ family members, friends, and colleagues.

While we recognize the battle before us, we also recognize the power of solidarity, diversity, and hope to bring about change. Together we can ensure equality, respect, and dignity for all.

The pflag Canada chapter network offers peer support and resources for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, family members, friends, and allies. We envision a world that affirms, respects, and values all sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions.


We, the pflag chapters listed below, along with pflag Canada, wholeheartedly support this statement.

  • pflag Barrie-Simcoe
  • pflag Brandon & Area
  • pflag Canada
  • pflag Cranbrook
  • pflag Durham Region
  • pflag Edmonton
  • pflag Grand Falls-Windsor
  • pflag Halifax
  • pflag Halton
  • pflag Kelowna
  • pflag Nanaimo
  • pflag Niagara
  • pflag North Peace Region
  • pflag Ottawa
  • pflag Owen Sound
  • pflag Peel Region
  • pflag Peterborough
  • pflag Renfrew County
  • pflag Sarnia-Bluewater
  • pflag Sault Ste. Marie
  • pflag Southwest Nova Scotia
  • pflag Stratford
  • Toronto Pflag
  • pflag Vancouver
  • pflag Victoria
  • pflag Waterloo Wellington Perth
  • pflag York Region

The Atlantic Journal, CBC Radio TV Canada: 

Adrien Doucette (4:30)

CTV News May 17, 2023

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Offline clip

“Queer all year”

Cynthia and Isaac talking inclusion in Summer 2022 issue The Business Voice with Halifax Chamber of Commerce:

“Seeing businesses embrace Pride with rainbows and flags is great if it inspires a conversation. I would like to see more businesses leading the way by getting the tools to be intentional about it. There are years of struggle, erasure, exclusion, and lost lives embedded in those bright rainbow colours. There is a responsibility for everyone to be part of changing this narrative.”

— Cynthia Sweeney Simply Good Form

N.S. has highest percentage of trans and non-binary residents, according to new census data

“What gets measured is what gets counted,” said Dr. Andrew Link about their study ‘One Chance To Be A Child’.

For the first time ever, the Canadian 2021 Census has included transgender and non-binary people as part of the population. Why is this significant, for trans and gender expansive youth and also trans adults? And what surprised us the most?

Tune-in to our Isaac Cook, Sr. DEI Consultant with Simply Good Form, breaking it down with Jeff Douglas:

CTV Morning LIVE

Information Morning: Free 2SLGBT reading event at schools across the province

Bite-Sized Balance: Raising Transgender Kids and Allies