Inclusive Schools Reading Week

2023 Annual Nova Scotia Inclusive Schools Reading Week

Welcome educators! Thank you for changing the narrative on Canada’s East Coast.

At Simply Good Form, we believe that education is at the heart of progress. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the upcoming 6th Annual event, a celebration of inclusivity and teaching that is set to take place this November. We cannot wait to have you join us in this transformative journey.

As we approach November, it is important to highlight the significance of Transgender Awareness Week, a week dedicated to raising the visibility of transgender individuals and breaking down the barriers of stigma surrounding gender identity. This annual event, observed between November 13th and 19th, brings together people and organizations across North America to foster understanding and promote inclusivity.

In line with this important occasion, we are proud to host the 6th Annual celebratory inclusive reading event. This event, taking place from November 13th to 17th, is designed to empower educators like you to create a safe and accepting environment in schools. By participating in this event, you are not only advocating for transgender awareness but also fostering a sense of belonging and understanding within your educational community.

To support your participation, we are offering FREE materials and templates that can be accessed through our registration process. These resources are carefully curated to provide educators with the tools they need to engage students, facilitate meaningful discussions, and promote inclusivity in the classroom. Register today to gain access to these valuable resources and join us in making a positive impact on the lives of young individuals.

Together, let’s change the narrative, challenge stereotypes, and create a world where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated. We look forward to having you join us at the 6th Annual event.

Mark your calendars and get ready for an inspiring week of learning, growth, and empathy.

Books + Lesson Plans + Guides = Space to Thrive.


Opt for the free event with lesson plans, or support the event by adding our ‘reading tracker + inclusive children’s story, The Pink Balloon, PRIDE bracelets, posters, and more!

Select books and events

This event includes choosing books and lesson plans, and a new feature this year is the ability to track the number of stories you read during the week. You can also combine this event with a flag raising and a craft that promotes inclusivity and discussions on diversity and gender identity.

Receive your pack!

You will soon receive an email with a link to access your Complete Lesson Plan Guide, Virtual Story-Time, and/or a physical custom event pack. Keep an eye on your inbox, and don’t forget your spam folder just in case.

If you’re planning a reading event at your school or classroom, we can help you make it inclusive and engaging for all students. Our Inclusion Team will provide you with the necessary tools and support to answer questions, facilitate discussions, and create a welcoming environment where every student can thrive.



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6th Annual Inclusive Schools Read NS

This is a video of Author Cynthia Sweeney reading The Pink Balloon for schools through the Colchester East Hants Libraries in Spring of 2023. You’re invited to share this video with your class during Trans Awareness Week! And if you’ve registered we’ll send you the PDF 25 page Lesson Plan and Activity Guide to accompany the story.

Look what we’ve made for you and your students! Download, Print and enjoy.

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