Hey, Cis! S1E2: What would you want for your own kids?





Hey, Cis; Hey, who?

Cis = latin preface for ‘on the same side as.

Cisgender is someone whose gender identity aligns with their sex as assigned at birth.

Cisgender is someone who has the ability to make the world safer, brighter and more inclusive for trans people young and old. Cisgender is someone who needs to be an intentional part of the conversation — so let’s talk.

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What would you want for your own kids?

Megan K. is a healthcare professional with a transgender child and Megan bridges the parent-healthcare professional gap.  She says, she feels it’s important to be visible as a parent with a trans child; sharing some of her beautiful journey provides context for those who are willing to learn about trans affirming healthcare.​

“I would challenge people to start thinking about, how are the processes in your organization contributing to gender normativity. Because, if you’re part of that system and you’re not trying to improve it, then you’re perpetuating gender norms…. it takes reflection and insight.”

One critical support element, Megan agrees, is the child’s teacher and their school’s approach to a gender affirming curriculum. She shares a little about what her child’s school got so right. And where they’ve reached some road blocks.

​Now in Grade 2, her daughter Bri is currently managing daily verbal attacks on her gender identity. COVID-19 has changed the landscape of learning and connection for parents and teachers. And this challenges her ability to ensure her daughter is having a positive experience in school.

Why it is so important schools get it right:

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